Accent Lighting

Curb Appeal

Lighting up your home is one of the easiest ways to immediately add curb appeal. Whether your home has certain features you’d like accented, like peaks or columns or you just want to light up your home at night, RDR Lighting is the perfect solution for accent lighting on Long Island. These custom outdoor lights can be controlled with our proprietary app, where you’re able to decide which lights you’d like on and what color they’ll be. For example, you can turn on two lights at the top of each peak and leave the rest of the lights off. You can also choose from one of our preset patterns where one light is on every 3, 6, or 8 feet. You have the ability to make any shade of white you’d like to match your other exterior lighting or complement your home’s colors.


Timer & Calendar

Once you create or choose an accent lighting scheme for your Long Island home, you can program it to come on automatically nightly with sunset to sunrise or static times. We are linked with data from, so time changes are accounted for. With the calendar feature, you can schedule lighting changes months in advance. This way you can easily transition your Long Island home to accent lighting after the holiday season without having to change the setting in the timer. For example, you can set a Christmas lighting program for December 1st-25th, then an accent lighting program from December 26th until the next holiday.


Downlighting Versus Uplighting

Downlighting has many benefits compared to traditional uplighting:

During the day our downlighting system is hidden behind your trim, while uplighting is often seen in your landscaping or yard. The other benefit from being installed behind your trim is that it is safe from harmful elements like hail.

All wires are encased in the aluminum track, so it’s protected from animals.

It’s important to keep the sky dark! Downlighting like ours is the best way to minimize light pollution while still accenting and adding security to your home. Call us today to have your Long Island home stand out with accent lighting from JellyFish!