RDR Lighting
The All-In-One Outdoor Lighting Solution
For Homeowners and HOAs


  • Security, accent, and holiday lighting at the press of a button
  • Energy efficient – less than 1 watt per light
  • Variable color and brightness
  • Directed straight downward and embedded in track to minimize glare/light pollution
  • Colored settings turn on/off when allowed (ie holidays/special events)
  • Zoning allows for individual control over the front, back, and sides separately
  • Multiple nightly timers for security lighting
  • Yearly calendar events to schedule holiday lighting during allowed time frame
  • Control over each individual light allows ability to choose which lights are on
  • Accent/security lighting features replicate traditional soffit/uplighting
  • Limit the opportunity of home damage or injury by having professional workers at your home installing lights just once versus multiple times per year to hang and take down temporary lights (RDR Lighting has a business license, insurance, and workmans comp)


HOAs and property managers on Long Island should consider JellyFish Lighting for admin buildings or even whole communities. JellyFish provides an instant security upgrade for your entire neighborhood, and the systems are discreet from the street.

  • Track color is matched to the color of the home and is installed under the eaves behind the trim
  • Track encases all wires and jumps are made through attics when possible to prevent visible exterior wires
  • Light bulbs are clear, similar in size to a quarter, with a white backing and are spaced every 9 inches
  • Light bulbs sit flush with the track and trim extending only ¼ inch
  • Each color has a different Kelvin, but the off-white accent lighting setting is 2,700K
  • 60 Lumens or lower per bulb, depending on the color of the light

Security Lighting

Downlighting has many benefits compared to traditional uplighting:

RDR Lighting is a discreet lighting system that provides an elegant solution for nightly accent/security lighting as well as holiday lighting all-in-one. National and world studies show that light combined with one other factor, like cameras, reduces crime. Programming for RDR Lighting was designed so that each homeowner can turn on or off any specific light in the system so that they can add light to the darkest corners or near windows and doors for every day security needs. The homeowner can also create their own color/hue of white to best match their home or other exterior lighting. The RDR Lighting system has customizable nightly timers for security lighting to come on automatically from sunset to sunrise or static times. It also has a yearly calendar event function for holidays to ensure their holiday lighting is only on during the allowed dates.

All wires are encased in the aluminum track, so it’s protected from animals.

It’s important to keep the sky dark! Downlighting like ours is the best way to minimize light pollution while still accenting/adding security to your home.This is what makes JellyFish Lighting perfect for HOAs and property managers on Long Island.



  • Security: Adding light to any home deters crime. Light also helps security cameras pick up better images.
  • Safety: RDR accent lighting illuminates walkways and stairs to expose tripping hazards like ice and debris. It also replaces temporary holiday lighting, keeping everyone safe off the ladder.
  • Discreet from the Street: The track color is matched to the color of the home and is installed under the eaves behind the trim with the lights sitting flush. The track encases all wires and jumps are made through attics when possible to prevent visible exterior wires.
  • Holiday: Easy transition from white security/accent lighting to holiday lighting, then back to accent/security lighting after the holidays.
  • Complete Control: Customize which lights are on and what color. Control the front separately from the back patio so the front can be on accent/security lighting and the back can be on colors for special occasions.

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