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QuickBooks Self-Employed vs QuickBooks Online

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Meanwhile, QuickBooks only includes time tracking on the $55 Essentials plan. Comparing the pricing for FreshBooks and QuickBooks isn’t straightforward because much depends on what features you prioritize and how much you want to spend. Overall, we give QuickBooks the edge on pricing because its base plan is less expensive. Unlike FreshBooks, QuickBooks doesn’t set limits on the number of customers. We would also note that QuickBooks allows you to invite your accountant on the $15 Self-employed plan while FreshBooks users must upgrade to the $30 Plus plan to access this feature.

With the full-service pay subscription, QuickBooks does everything for you, but you are also paying an extra $80 a month. QBO often offers promotional “Buy Now” pricing to offset the high monthly cost. Discounts can be up to 50% off for the first three to six months only, after which, the short-term pricing stops and customers are billed for the full amount.

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Tracking spending is important for not only maintaining healthy cash flow but also qualifying for deductions that could reduce your taxable income. It is also highly recommended to separate your business and personal finances to track each of them the most effectively. QuickBooks’ number of third-party integrations puts it far ahead of FreshBooks and most other accounting software applications. While there is some overlap in third-party integrations, we would note that both FreshBooks and QuickBooks include some syncing options that the other doesn’t. We recommend that you make a list of the business productivity apps that you use most often and check for compatibility on the QuickBooks and FreshBooks app stores. If your business prioritizes time tracking, FreshBooks is likely the better choice because it includes time tracking on all of its paid plans.

It has more advanced features, so it can track sales tax, keep track of inventory, etc. This can have an impact on your tax deductions, especially if you’re a ridesharing or delivery driver. With Quickbooks Self-Employed, you’ll have a detailed record of all your trips. With the mobile app, you can even automate business mileage tracking. The QuickBooks Self-Employed platform was designed with a very specific audience in mind.

Quickbooks Online

QuickBooks Online costs more, but it also offers more thorough invoicing and additional insight into your cash flow. It also connects to Shopify and automatically adds sales tax to your invoices, two crucial features for sole proprietors who sell products online. Beyond tax deductions, though, QuickBooks Self-Employed doesn’t offer much. While you can import bank transactions to track expenses, you can’t generate detailed financial reports that help business owners set concrete financial goals or expand their businesses.

Every accounting software is tailored for different businesses and needs. Before going through the process of setting one up, you’ll want to research which one will be most suitable for your business. We’ve compared QuickBooks Self-Employed with two top competitors. The plan comes with a subscription to TurboTax so you can file one state tax return and a federal tax return directly from your account. This plan is ideal for those who want to integrate their tax filing with their accounting software. With QuickBooks Payroll services, you can pay liabilities, create paychecks, generate quarterly tax reports, and calculate taxes and net pay.

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State quarterly tax estimates is also something not available in the Self Employed version so this would need to be calculated in a secondary system. If you are sole trader that makes your own products then Quickbooks Self Employed (SE) is most likely not your best option – we discuss why. QuickBooks Self Employed is an excellent option for handling finances as a freelancer or contractor, but not the only one. There are several other software solutions on the market that can provide value to freelancers.

The manual invoice data entry process remains a top accounts payable (AP) challenge, with plenty of businesses still using such a method. It’s prone to human error, often inconvenient, and can impede your team’s communication. Ideally, an expense app should double as an e-commerce solution. The app should connect to your preferred e-commerce application programming interface.

Mileage and Expense Tracker

This tool is available in three solutions at different price points. This allows you to choose the one that suits your accounting needs rather than paying for features that are not essential for your business. QuickBooks Desktop is a locally-installed accounting tool designed to help you efficiently manage customer supplies and bank accounts. Envoice is complete purchase management and expense reporting solution for small and medium-sized businesses and practices. It helps QuickBooks Online users to collect invoices, receipts, and bills received on paper or email. Think of this feature as a save point for your accounting records.

The service provides a user experience rivaled only by that of FreshBooks, and its automatic mileage tracking may appeal to frequent business travelers. Beyond that and the income tax help, though, there’s really no compelling reason to go with Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed. Many sole proprietors could get by with FreshBooks’ $13.50-per-month level, which is less than Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed’s regular price. And FreshBooks does so much more in every possible area, including customizable invoicing, time tracking, and income/expense management.

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The only difference between the two is that the Established plan has additional features like multi-currency, expense management, and project costing. All three plans offer Hubdoc, a bill and receipt capture solution. QuickBooks Self Employed is an accounting tool for freelancers and independent contractors. With the software, users can manage their quickbooks self employed business and personal finances with ease. In addition, the site’s excellent companion apps could serve many of today’s mobile entrepreneurs—who tend to live on their phones—well. Like other Intuit financial applications, Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed uses an easily understandable navigation system and offers an exceptional user experience.

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